Your Child’s Home Is the First Learning Environment for Preschoolers

When you bring a child home from the hospital as a newborn, the world is a completely new place for them. You spend your time trying to expose them to new sights and new sounds, new words, first steps, and much more. You realize early on that your child’s home is the first learning environment for preschoolers. Why let it go away just because they are toddlers?
Embrace the Curiosity!
Your toddler is naturally curious about everything. They embrace the new smells, the new things to taste, and feeling new things. You can help them every step of the way by giving them things that enhance their sensory exploration.

It does not have to be anything big. A box filled with rough, soft, or silky materials. Things that are hard and fluffy can also be included. You can create toys that have strings, which can be placed through holes in a container. ABC blocks that they can put in and take out of a box will also be huge fun for them.

Every toy that a child needs can be made at home rather than purchased if you take advantage of all the Montessori learning opportunities and lessons that are available. Then, as their developmental growth increases, you can help them continue to learn and explore with new toys.
Preschool Learning Made Easy
Numbers and letters, colors, shapes, and more can all be explored with ease with some very awesome toys. Building blocks and simple books can encourage a love of learning. Counting cubes can help them learn to love math skills in a way that never makes them feel like they are learning.

As a bonus for you, and your child, all the little learning experiences that you provide, in the home, will make them happier about learning as they progress into preschool. It can then make it easier for them to learn in all other grades and aspects of their life. Why? Because it will build their confidence.

They will know that learning is fun. No task will be scary. All you have to do is provide a home that is a fully equipped learning environment for preschoolers. We promise it is easier than you will ever imagine to keep your preschooler learning all the things that will help them in their entire future.

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